Crinum bulbispermum 1

This heirloom crinum bulbispermum variety was acquired in the fall of 2004 from a ranch in Lee County, Texas.   According to a life long local resident, the clump has been in place since before 1946.   She assumed they were Easter Lillies.   The clump of crinum was in the middle of a coastal bermuda pasture at the site of an old homestead that has long since been destroyed.

This crinum should be hardy through Zone 5 in a garden setting and other zones with mulching.   An adult bulb of this cultivar planted in a garden setting by Jim Shields of Shields Gardens surived the 2006-2007 winter in Zone 5, Westfield, IN.   By the end of May, the bulb had produced 2 scapes. Mulching consisted only of leaves and some weeds.   This was an adult bulb and part of a test of hardiness, so others should taken adequate precautions if this cultivar is planted in garden beds in colder USDA zones.

This cultivar is a prolific seed producer and produces a few offsets.   It is unknown if offset production is a characteristic of the variety or caused by garden practices.

Grower: A. L. Sisk
Location: Near Lexington, TX
USDA Zone: 8b
Soil Type: Heavy, fine (sugar) sand
Soil Amendments: Composted bark mulch, peat moss
Type watering Used: Both drip irrigation and sprinklers.
Growing Method: Field grown
Fertilizer Used: Balanced 13-13-13 granular and water soluble 20-20-20
Garden Name: Ms Morris

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Blooming Time:   Begins in March and continues through the summer and fall in Zone 8B.
Flower Shape:   Companulate (Bell Shaped).
Flower Color:   White or White with flushes of pink or red. Keel color is pinkish-brown.
Flower Size:   Up to 13 cm (5.2") wide.
Picture taken:   May 2005

Scape and Umbel

First 2007 scape:   March 2
Scape Height:   71-81 cm )28-32")
Number of Scapes:   Bulbs of this variety have produced 1 to 6 scapes in this garden.
Buds in Umbel:   6-14 depending on age of bulb, time of the year and general growing conditions.
Picture taken:   May 2005

Foliage Shape:   Strap like
Foliage Color:   Glaucous Blue-Green
Foliage Width:   Up to 4"
Foliage Length:   Up to 4'.
Picture taken:   May 2005

Seed Head
Color:   Green to redish brown
Seed Pod Sized:   Largest seed pods are near tangerine size. Due to their weight and the prevailing wind in this garden, many scapes with seed lay over.   This does not impede development of seed.
Picture taken: June 2006

Color:   Pale lime green
Seed Shape and Size:   Irregular bulb shaped from dime to quarter +
Picture taken:   June 2006

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