Crinum x Ellen Bosanquet

Crinum x Ellen Bosanquet is one of the best known and possibly the most popular Crinum hybrid in the United States.   Percival Bosanquet, grew the hybrid about 1910.   The hybrid is named for his wife, Ellen.   This hybrid was first introduced commercially in the Reasoner Brothers' catalog in 1930.

Parents of this semi-fertile crinum hybrid remain a mystery after 95 years and the hybrid has never again been reproduced.   Its pollen will take on a number of species.   It will accept Crinum Moorei pollen and give attractive red Crinum Moorei.

This cultivar was acquired in 1993 in Katy, Texas, from a neighbor.   Two three inch bulbs, I thought to be amaryllis, were received.   From these two bulbs has grown my love of crinum.

Bulbs of this cultivar can grow to eight inches or more.   This crinum should be hardy in a garden setting through Zone 7 and other zones with mulching.

This crinum produces numerous offsets and will become a large clump in just a few years.   This cultivar of Ellen Bosanquet has naturally produced a few open pollenated viable seed each year.

Grower: A. L. Sisk
Location: Near Lexington, TX
USDA Zone: 8b
Soil Type: Heavy fine (sugar) sand
Soil Amendments: Composted bark mulch, peat moss.
Type watering Used: Both drip irrigation and sprinklers.
Growing Method: Field grown
Fertilizer Used: Balanced 13-13-13 granular and water soluble 20-20-20.
Garden Name: CD

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Blooming Time:   Begins in May and continues through early November in this Zone 8B garden.
Flower Shape:   Companulate (Bell Shaped)
Flower Color:   Magenta
Flower Size:   12.6 cm (5+")
Picture taken:   May 2005

Scapes and Umbel

First 2009 scape:  
Scape Height:   Up to 71-86 cm (28-34")
Number of Scapes:   One to 5 scapes
Buds in Umbel:   10 to 20 Buds
Picture taken:   June 2007


Foliage Shape:   Arching leaves with a wavy margin.
Foliage Color:   Semi-glossy green
Foliage Width:   Up to 11.4cm (4 1/2")
Foliage Length:   Up to 152 cm (5')
Picture taken:   May 2005

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